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 Increase your online sales with two P

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PostSubject: Increase your online sales with two P   Mon Apr 25, 2016 12:23 pm

Like wise the business setup online looks easy but its difficult to generate sales from it, There are several factors which may respond to your performance and will boost your sale or will lead you to zero probability.

Sales is a part of every business, Non of the business runs without having good volume of sales, When sales increases the volume of turnover increases and thus will lead to increase in profit. Below I have describe how you can work on to increase your sale with the online businesses.

The two "P" are a key factor to the sale which a user will generate online :

Each of these factor are dependent on the other to generate good volume of sales.

In the Performance section there are phases like

Customers Support
Product Performance & Reviews
Inventory Stats
Returns & Refund

Each of the Sections I will describe one after the other in the forum.

While in promotion section there are phases like

Title & Description
Back Links
Bulk Email

Each of this section I will describe in the promotion section of the forum.

I have seen in the market that maximum number of sellers are successful in capturing 25% of the above points which helps them to survive, While there are only few which has reach to 50% to 75% target and they have successfully captured the online market. If you work had on the following sections I am pretty sure that you will be able to generate good volume of sales,

Comment here if you like the post, Or if you have any questions or queries feel free to to ask us.
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Increase your online sales with two P
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